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With over 15 years of film making Tov’s photographic heritage and experience on-set with actors in every corner of the business has enabled him to consistently achieve strong, convincing performances with high production value. He is a creative shotmaker with a unique and eclectic mix of incisive visual styling and a passion for storytelling.

Prior to launching his directing career Tov was in the camera department alongside internationally renowned directors and creative teams on some of the most influential films of our era.

Tov combines this wealth of experience and technical know how to bring a ‘gravitas’ to the project irrespective of budget. Due to the sheer depth of his experience, there is not too much in the world of film-making that he has not been exposed to.

Tov has collected an array of awards, the most prestigious being the ‘Grand Prix for Good’ and a ‘Gold Lion’ at Cannes 2011, for Scope – “See the person not the disability”. His Short Film ‘Double Exposure’ was a finalist at the Melbourne 48hr film festival. His Short Film Love Hurts was in official competition at Flickerfest 2015. He also won best cinematography at Tropfest for the film ‘No Dice Hollywood’.



In 2018 I had the pleasure of working on some additional scenes for the ABC show Mystery Road. So invigorating working with Rachel and her team, not to mention the talented gentleman who is Aaron Pedersen.

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